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You become 10 years younger in Yanggu

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Center of Korea, Yanggu, offers Yanggu City Tour.
From ecosystem to culture, and security experience,
Yanggu City Tour offers exciting and comfortable tour.

Please check the announcement before you make a reservation. Refer to the City Tour Guide and Course Guide for details.

You need to provide your personal information when you make a reservation in order to access Dutayeon and Punch Bowl which are beyond the civilian control line.

Tourist attractions in Yanggu are closed on Mondays and the tour will not be provided, accordingly.

Admission fee to the attraction, fee for experience program, accommodation, and lunch are not included.

  • Reservation Course

    Course Name 1 Night 2 Days Course
    Reserved Date Tueday, July 31, 2018
    Number of Persons and Fees Number of Persons and Fees
    Adult, Student (Elementary, Middle, High School) ₩15,000
    (Including Guide)
    of person ₩15,000
    3 Years Old ~ Preschool Child ₩7,000
    of person ₩0
    Total ₩15,000

    Please pay the admission fee to the attraction in cash when boarding the bus.

    Admission fee to the attraction, lunch, fee for experience program, and accommodation are not included

    Choose place of departure
    Reserve under the name of

    The reservation for the access to Dutayeon will be arranged by the City Tour operator and you do not need to apply separately on your own. Specify up to the city, county, and ward.

    Birth / Sex
    Cellphone Number - -

    Specify up to the city, county, and ward. (ex. City Name, State Name)

    For more information, call 033-253-4567 (Daily Tourism) or 033-480-2183 (Hanggu Office Culture and Tourism Department).

    If you make an online reservation, you can pay the fees when you get on the bus at Chuncheon Station or Yanggu Souvenir Shop (Yanggu-eup) on the date you made the reservation for.

    You must register the birth dates of the person who made the reservation and the companions. (Have the date of birth and contact information ready before making a reservation.)